Our health and wellbeing experts live and breath, positive and healthy mindsets. It's not a job for them, its a passion, and a lifestyle. Changing peoples lives for the better, watching transformations, being part of every individuals journey, this is what motivates them and therefore helps keep you motivated.
Everyone has a reason to why they begin their  journey. For a lot of people, fitness/training is a great way to make changes— physically and mentally. Training gives you a release, but is also a type of meditation. The gym then becomes an outlet for self-improvement, a place where you can go put your mind at ease while pushing through your personal physical and mental limits.  We've provided some pretty inspirational individuals below, who have changed their lives thanks to the help from our health and wellbeing experts at Raw Lifestyle.
The stories are in no particular order and are not limited to only fitness (but they will inspire you) and demonstrates, we believe in our clients, if you believe in us.

weight loss
David Martin Claire - Client of Dragan Filiposki

I’m David, 27, from London. I came to Australia last year on a working holiday visa. I was overweight with a very weak knee due to not fully rehabilitating after a previous bad injury - so I thought I’d use a personal trainer. I joined Fitness First in Bondi Junction which led me to start working with Dragan. I had such an enjoyable time training with him 3 times a week and started to notice a significant amount of difference as we focused a lot on my core and rehabilitating my knee. As a result, this helped me hugely ...


For me Motion has it all covered, a dream for everyone who wants to pay attention to a happy healthy life. With their fitness studio, they motivate you in the right way with efficient personal training and a variation of energetic effective classes. The fitness schedule is thought through and the classes as well. The woman behind Motion, Melanie, has all the skills and experience to bring you together with her team in balance, in shape, bikini fit, back on track after a heavy time or burnout, whatever your body needs. I’m so happy she put all of her ...


Melanie's Fitness Challenge is a great way to lose weight! She makes it so easy for you. The meal plan fit perfectly to my needs. Every meal was delivered to my door and tasted great. The Personal training sessions helped me to stay more focused on my goals and it was ass kicking as I needed it. Additional to the fitness and food, Mel’s mindset program made me find my inner center and gave me the right motivation to reach my goal. It was a great way to work on myself and my body.


My Fitness kick start program with Mel was the right way to get me into a fitness routine. I wanted to get overall fit but focus on my thighs and butt. I definitely got a butt kicking and a butt lift. I like to work out however, I needed fast results to get motivated and stay on track. I highly recommend all the classes especially the Brazil Boom class!


I went to my first group workout at Motion and here’s what I wrote when I got home….The class is not dance, but the music is GREAT! It lifts my spirits and keeps me going through the toning exercises. Everyone sweats buckets. The women in the class look AMAZING!  Mel inspired me straight off and here’s why. Her body is a work of art! I mean, it is incredible! There is not one inch of fat on her. Every muscle is defined and yet, she doesn’t look weird or masculine, but pretty and strong.  This fitness ...


Thank you so much for this great experience and time. I’m feeling so much stronger and energized. So great to see those measurements and photos! It’s exciting what can be done quite quickly. I love how much spiritual expansion is coming from this journey with you. I’m super keen to KEEP GOING!


Dealing with my fertility has been such an emotional roller coaster. Having a daily routine that connects me back into my body has been so healing. Rosie is an amazing teacher and has such a soothing voice. She is so knowledgeable about the woman's body, especially on the path to conception. I am so grateful I for this program.

Leaning witrh the luna
Katie - Client of Rosie Matheson - Leaning With The Luna

I enrolled in the ‘leaning with the Luna’ course purely to support a friend. What I didn’t know was that I would have so many penny drop moments. So many oh my god how did I get to my late 30s and not know all these gems moments. I think Rosie’s course should be taught to high school girls across the world. Rosie’s clear teachings enable you to reframe your relationship to your cycle in the most positive way. The course provides you with a deep understanding and wisdom which I refer back to constantly. I loved ...

Olivia - Client of Rosie Matheson - Leaning With The Luna

Olivia, Los Angeles

'This workshop with Rosie is incredibly eye-opening.I had no idea how much I didn't know about my cycle and my body before the workshop. I left feeling connected, informed and empowered. I had tried 'charting' my cycle previously, but it never stuck. Now that I really understand how it works, I am excited to be 'charting'!Rosie is incredibly knowledgeable with such a beautiful style of teaching. The whole experience was simply wonderful and I think every single woman would be so lucky to have the opportunity to work with this magical teacher.'– Olivia, Los Angeles

Shanee - Client of Rosie Matheson - Leaning With The Luna

Shanee, Los Angeles

'This workshop is beyond Sacred, it was the most valuable thing I have done for myself as a woman. Rosie gave me a new positive perspective on myself by understanding the cycle my body goes through every month.The information was so valuable I believe it has already changed the way I see and accept myself. There were things I learned that I couldn't believe I didn't already know about my own reproductive system, which surprised me, as I am a 29-year-old woman who is very much in touch with my body. This knowledge should be passed on ...

Samantha - Client Of Rosie Matheson - Leaning With The Luna

Samantha, Byron Bay

Sam gives some insight into Rosie's program through a short video

Angeline - Client of Rosie Matheson - Leaning With The Luna

Angeline, Byron Bay

Here is a short video about how 'Leaning With The Luna' impacted Angeline's world.

Hayley - Client of Rosie Matheson - Leaning With The Luna

Hayley, Byron Bay

Hayley's experience and revelations along the way are so beautiful and honest. See her story here.