Charlotte - Client of Rosie Matheson - Fertile Bloom

Charlotte, England

I took Rosie's program about seven years ago.
When I was a teenager I had an operation on my uterus. I had many doctors tell me that it would be a 'miracle' if I conceived a baby naturally. I was worried, heartbroken and simply lost. Wondering that even if I did get pregnant would I be able to have a natural birth?

During Rosie’s program I learnt there was a lot I could do for myself- physically and mentally. Even though I was a yoga teacher at the time much of the information she shared was new to me. I was inspired by her work and realized that nobody could tell me anything about my body that could stop me from trying naturally. About 6months later I was pregnant, naturally!

7 years later I have two beautiful children, and I know from experience that the doctors had one thing right-having a baby IS a MIRACLE whatever your circumstances are. It is OUR choice to make, whether to believe what others tell you, you’re capable of OR to believe in our own power that we already have which can oh so easily be forgotten about. I now also work with a lot of women and pass on any knowledge I can to help them.

This program can be for yourself, a friend or for adding to your teaching skills. I highly recommend it to anybody.