If you don't do any physical activity, or are unsure of your exertion capacity and are a little nervous about committing to a program - there is no need to panic!  

You have access to a FREE BEGINNERS PROGRAM - Yes you heard right! FREE!  

Mel will guide you through several exercises and training regimes to ensure you understand the basics, and can focus on the correct form.  

These can be done in the privacy of your own home, or outside, or at the gym if you have a membership.  

It is advised to complete the beginner program FREE BEGINNER PROGRAM.

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A 4 Week program designed to transform your body.

Mel  however highly recommends if you've completed other programs within the FIT FOCUS program, to complete the TONE program  directly after the completion of the SHAPE program, which has been the kick-start and the provider/supporter/protector for your joints, weight loss, and the correct moves to lift heavier weights and push your body to the maximum limit.

The TONE program,  consists of 4 weeks of sweating it out with the program's dynamic exercise routines,  and 24/7 access to nutritional guidance and meal plans, that you need to achieve lean muscle growth and provide enough energy and recovery for your workouts.

As you build strength your energy levels will increase, leaving you feeling more empowered and invigorated. 

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Each day gives you access to video and photo workouts, nutrition plans, and other holistic advices. This program is jam packed with information on fitness, healthy eating plans, recipes, and lifestyle choices, even down to meditation,  and how to cleanse your body inside and out with simple and effective 'spa' recipes. 


Each day, you are able to track your personal journey through your individual tracker. 

This will keep you focused, and remind you of why you started the journey, and what your goal is.  

We are with you the entire process - keeping routine is vital to seeing results.

what is needed

There is so much information, advice and guidance in this program you don't need to look anywhere else- we've thought of everything, so you don't have to!

However with some added technological products, and weights, this allows you to enhance your journey as you will be able track your progress and fitness levels. 

What we advise you purchase;

1. Step Tracker- if you have a smart phone you're covered!

2. Heart rate monitor (optional)

3. Ankle weights (min. 1.5 kg / max 6kg depending on fitness level) (optional)

4. Dumbbells (min. 1 kg / max 6 kg depending on fitness level)


The TONE meal plan, is a comprehensive 4 week plan that compliments your fitness schedule- designed to help to lose body fat and build/maintain lean muscle mass - therefore toning the body.

The TONE meal plan is rich in fibre to boost satiety, which reduces an overall calorie intake.

Fibre rich foods includes fresh vegetable, legumes, whole – grains, fruits, nuts and seeds. 

The TONE Meal Plan is higher in protein consumption than other meal plans,  which plays a big role in body toning.

Recipes, cooking instructions, and daily meals plans are included.

Price: $89