Busy Body - Advanced Outside
Busy Body - Advanced Outside

LENGTH: 4 Weeks


LEVEL: Designed for those who are familiar with the whole fitness thang.


Purposely designed so you can get active anywhere, anytime, with no excuses.

A 4 week program with daily circuit training using body weight or minimal equipment.

This full body burner is perfect for anyone who wants to shred those unwanted kilos, and shape your physique.

Each day your program is approximately 40 minutes in length, with 5 days of guided circuits 2 rest days.

Don’t panic, the busy body program is available for both beginner and advanced fitness levels.

- Step/bench (approximately knee height)
- A hill or path to run close by (outdoors)
- Optional weights (some days you may want to increase the burn)
- Stop watch to time your circuits. There’s already one on your phone!

Price: $49.95