Shredding for your Wedding - Beginners Outside
Shredding for your Wedding - Beginners Outside

LENGTH: 6 Weeks


LEVEL: Designed for someone who may be brand new to fitness, or has minimal experience.


You’ve set the date, now set the goals.

The day you don’t want to wake up and feel you’re having a ‘fat’ day is your wedding day.

Everyone wants to look their best, as one of the biggest days of your life awaits you.

We’ve heard you.
Sculpt, define and shred with this full body, circuit training program that will be sure to burn those calories and tone your muscles.

Be prepared to work hard with this intense, but fun 6 week program, that will test your cardiovascular ability, and strength.

Each day brings a total body workout, in approximately 45 minutes.

To ensure long lasting, and maximum results a nutrition program is purchased along side this. Commit to the program, like your marriage.

- Booty Band
- Small weights (optional)

Price: $56